Female and Mixed Wrestling Videos

Best of Genetic Powerhouses

Fighters: KRISTIE ETZOLD Length: 120 minutes

This compilation showcases five of Wrestle Fantasy’s top female Heavyweight contenders. These ladies are the most physically imposing and destructive forces to dominate the competition with their immense size and unmatched athleticism.  Watch as Gabrielle Nicander, Christine Fetzer, Scarlet, Kris Carrie and Kristie Etzold. dish out their own brand of “Justice”, decimating anyone who stands in their ways.  This video contains 120 minutes of terrorizing intense action.  ... Read More

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Kristie Etzold Presents Baddest Chick on the Plane

Fighters: KRISTIE ETZOLD Length: 90 minutes

Love her or hate her, Kristie Etzold is now officially the Baddest Chick on the Planet.  Kristie has solidified her place at the top of the mountain through the systematic destruction of her last six opponents.  Kristie is a world class wrestler with freakish size, agility and athleticicism that are unmatched.  This compilation features 90 minutes of Kristie Etzold’s greatest matches.  Witness this genetic wonder transform into an unstoppable wrecking force as she overpowers and manhandles the rest of the heavyweight d ... Read More

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Lori Lust Presents SCREWED OVER

Fighters: LORI LUST Length: 60 minutes

This compilation features the trilogy war between Lori Lust and the Female Destroyer. The Female destroyer puts his undefeated streak on the line against Lori Lust, in a match so highly anticipated and potentially explosive that it could only occur at WRESTLE FANTASY. Although the Female Destroyer ultimately reigned supreme over Lori Lust in "Like a Virgin" and "Not a Virgin Anymore", these epic battles only fueled their mutual legend as well as WRESTLE FANTASY's insatiable thirst for return confrontations. After coming so close to a trium ... Read More

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Frankie Zappitelli Presents ULTIMATE FIGHTER

Fighters: Frankie Zappitelli Length: 60 minutes

Frankie Zappitelli chose a path of bruises and hard knocks when she turned down a prestigious modeling career with the Ford Modeling agency for a career as a professional fighter. Don't be fooled, she has knocked out teeth and brought tears to the eyes of her male and female opponents. Frankie's destiny is to be a professional fighter. This compilation features Frankie Zappitelli in 3 separate matches against her toughest male competitor; Peter. Watch this sexy wrestler utilize her arsenal of Wrestling, Grappling, Maui Thai kickboxing ... Read More

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Fighters: Kristiana Length: 60 minutes

Wrestle Fantasy has seen its share of immortal female wrestlers. There have been icons, some Great Ones, a few Olympians and a whole lot of legends. But there has only been one showstopper, and she is Kristiana. Kristiana has gained world wide respect for her annihilation and victories over highly ranked contenders. Kristiana's beauty is second to none, and her brains, strength and ability to get the job done make her the total package. Even in defeat, no one talks about the loss; they talk about Kristiana and the amazing risks she took du ... Read More

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Fighters: Not available Length: 45 minutes

The Rear Naked Choke is one of the most devastating submissions finishes used in Wrestle Fantasy. If applied correctly, the rear naked choke cuts off the flow of blood to your opponent's brain, forcing them to submit or pass out within a matter of seconds. Witness up close how effective the rear naked choke can be when applied properly for maximum effectiveness. Watch as superstars such as Gia Primo, Hurricane Havana, Kyla Luciano and Jamie force, bait, and annoy their way into sinking a solid Rear Naked Choke. ... Read More

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Scissor Lock Destruction

Fighters: Kristiana vs LIA LABOWE Length: 32 minutes

This release of SCISSOR LOCK DESTRUCTION is a collection of Angry WRESTLE FANTASY female superstars tearing into their opponents in a no-holds-barred scissor fight to the finish. Watch as superstars like Lia Labowe, Kristiana, Jackie, Maryanne and Kim wrap their legs around their opponents, crossing their ankles and then tightening their grip by squeezing together their thighs or straightening their legs to choke the wrestler by compressing their torso. These girls may not behave like ladies while they're on the mat, but they've got t ... Read More

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Fighters: Not available Length: 38 minutes

WRESTLE FANTASY presents a special Wrestling compilation entitled "BEAT BY FEET." This video features the hottest ladies in Female Wrestling with the sexiest feet in the business. All natural centerfold sensations Kristiana, Kyla and Jackie dominate their opponents and drive them into a climatic frenzy by rubbing their pretty feet across their opponent's eyes, face and mouth. Enter into the tantalizing world of fantasy, and see these female wrestlers toss and kick their opponents around with their gorgeous toned legs, eventually getting th ... Read More

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Fighters: Kyla Luciano Length: 55 minutes

Kyla Luciano has made a career out of accomplishing the unthinkable. Kyla Luciano, a once self destructive rebel, appears more calculated and more focused; there now appears to be a method to her madness. Recently, she waged an "All-out War" in her quest to regaining the WRESTLE FANTASY championship. Not only is Kyla Luciano one of the most successful fighters to emerge in WRESTLE FANTASY, but as a former Wrestle Fantasy champion, Kyla knows exactly what it takes to win. This video is a compilation of several great Kyla Luciano fights including ... Read More

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Fighters: CHRISTIE RICCI Length: 90 minutes

Few fighters can guarantee excitement every time they step into the ring, but Christie Ricci is one of them. Not only is she sexy hot, she's a power house to be reckoned with. Christie Ricci is an elite fighter with an unmatched resume of victims. Her wins over opponents are largely the result of a meticulous game-plan executed perfectly. This compilation entitled "All American Girl" features 1.5 hours of Christie Ricci taking on her toughest opponents who are all gunning for her title as the best undisputed pound for pound fighter in Wres ... Read More

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